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An Ultra-Lyte Anolyte Treatment is incorporated into or as a final step treatment of the vehicle detail and reconditioning process. The concentrated Anolyte is sprayed/fogged into the interior of vehicles ensuring proper coverage and application. The end result is a vehicle that will have been cleaned Better Than Clean against mold, mildew, up to 99.9% of all bacteria, viruses and germs.

Car buyers see and smell the difference a Better Than Clean vehicle has to offer and elevate the vehicle to the top of their shopping list....


Steering wheels have nine times more germs than the public toilet seat!!! 

The Ultra-Lyte Anolyte

  • is an all-natural, green, organic, non-irritant, environmentally and ecologically safe sanitizing and disinfecting solution.
  • offers an array of advantages over traditional chemicals, methods and technologies.
  • offers an environmentally sound alternative to chlorine and other oxidizing biocides.
  • is by chemical content nearly identical to the active components found in common chemical bactericidal agents. However, unlike the extremely toxic substances, such as chloramines, formaldehyde or iodine, the active components of Ultra-Lyte Anolyte are non-toxic, non-irritant, biologically harmless and ecologically safe. Because of its neutral pH, Ultra-Lyte Anolyte does not aggressively contribute to the corrosion of processing equipment or irritation of hands.