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Green Auto Clean Inc. is proud to be an authorized distributor for Intersteam Technologies. Our combined experience in the Steam and Automotive reconditioning markets are unmached. 

What to know about Vapor Steam...
A temperature of 320°F (160°C) and a pressure of 100 to 250 PSI (6.9 to 17.24 BAR) are considered optimum for a steam cleaner design.
Optimum Pressure: A steam cleaner could be operated at higher pressure by increasing the pump size, however, that would produce smaller water droplets, which would cool more quickly. The larger droplets also possess more mass, which increases the effect of their impact. 
Optimum Temperature: At temperatures above 320°F (160°C), excessive water would flash to steam, again producing smaller water droplets having less mass and impact. At lower temperatures, significantly less water is vaporized to steam, and consequently less propulsive energy is transferred to the water/steam discharge.
Vapour Stem is made up of about 5 - 6% H2O, so surfaces dry quickly. The vapour particles are much smaller than steam particles and we call this "dry" steam, and it's this that gives our machines the ability to clean in tighter spaces.
A consumer steamer is a 110-120V unit that is typically not a continuous steam system, designed for lighter duty use.
Commercial Steam Machines are 110-120V and used daily - or if less frequently for longer periods of time (eg. 3 times weekly for 6 hours).  
Industrial systems are 230-240V or higher and may include dry or saturated steam capabilites.