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Optional Brush Mate Accessories are excellent  for cleaning the most difficult to the most delicate surfaces. They provide the extra cleaning power when needed. The right brushes make the difference between clean and really clean! Brush Mates come in three sizes and three different materials. They are available individually, in multi-packs and in variety packs.


The Cap Mate Kit optional accessory is designed to make the detailer more efficient and make it easy to switch from one cleaning solution to the other. The Cap Mate Kit includes;

  • Green breather cap with hanger. Fits most standard spray bottles to hang the bottle out of the way and clean with added freedom.
  • Pick up tube for the bottle.
  • 6 feet of tubing to give plenty of working distance.


  • Standard— 14mm fine tip brush for those tight to reach areas.
  • Medium—28mm brush...perfect for general cleaning.
  • Large—55mm brush when the job is big it is exactly what is needed.
  • Soft Black Nylon Brush Mates are safe on most any surface. They provide a soft buffer zone between the surface being cleaned and the tool. They are excellent for cleaning exterior trim, delicate interior panels and fabrics.
  • When more agitation is required to clean … simply switch to Firm White Crimped Nylon Brush Mates for the extra cleaning power needed.
  • Premium Horse Hair Brush Mates are designed for exceptional performance, extended life and great for cleaning leather.

The Detail Mate

The Detail Mate works with your air compressor to blow debris and moisture out of hard to reach areas.  The spray function of the tool allows you to target cleaning solutions right where you want and now with the revolutionary Brush Mates … scrub when required, then dry the area being cleaned all in one step.

Components are made from lightweight yet incredibly durable glass reinforce nylon and ABS. Built to last….The Detail Mate will quickly become any detailers go to tool.

The Detail Mate comes with the Brush Mate Standard Soft tip (BM-SS).